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Jana P. FNP-C

Let's sort out your fatigue, thyroid health, behavioral or heart health concerns.


Our experienced team of specialists will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

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How Are you Feeling?

Can Functional Medicine Help?

Have you been feeling sluggish, tired, anxious, unmotivated or stressed?

Or maybe you've been diagnosed with a metabolic disorder like hypothyroidism or high blood pressure?

Functional medicine takes into account the whole person including lifestyle, environment, relationships, mental and spiritual health to solve complex concerns like fatigue, thyroid issues, behavioral health and heart heart.

jana Pedersed DNP, FNP-C

Meet JANa Pedersen, DNP, FNP-C

"Our bodies are amazing and resilient with an innate ability to heal. I believe in empowering individuals with knowledge and tools that allow them to work towards ideal health through a personalized, root cause approach. One of my strengths is listening. I will give you my full attention during our visit, to really hear your story and help you determine which direction to explore to find answers.

"I am Certified through the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and Kresser Institute, Adapt Trained in Functional Medicine."


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HOW does it work?

Functional medicine conducts a comprehensive examination that delves into various aspects of mind, body, and spirit to ensure holistic well-being. Expect a thorough assessment during consultations with our functional medicine doctor, Jana.


Treatment approaches can encompass lifestyle interventions, nutritional guidance, exercise recommendations, sleep optimization, and stress reduction strategies. We also utilize wearables. Health wearables play a pivotal role by continuously monitoring real-time health metrics, including sleep patterns, heart rate, and physical activity levels. This transformative technology empowers you to make informed lifestyle choices based on accurate data.


Additionally, treatment may involve enhancing personal relationships to contribute to overall whole-body health.


  • Addressing various core clinical functions impacted by environmental factors, genetics, and mental well-being. Imbalances in these areas can be root causes of illness.

  • Recognizing the impact of how one lives on chronic disease risk. Factors such as air quality, water and alcohol consumption, dietary choices, physical activity, and sleep directly influence overall well-being.

  • Acknowledging that family history may contribute to varying levels of susceptibility to disease. While it serves as a roadmap, experiences, mindset, and beliefs can shape how genes function.

  • Emphasizing the influence of social and spiritual factors, including stress management, on health. Adjusting how one navigates life situations and adopting a holistic lifestyle can significantly enhance overall well-being.

Jana pedersen, FNP-C visit

Talk with Jana Pedersen DNP, FNP-C to discuss your health concerns, goals and our approach to determine if we are a good fit. No medical advice will be offered during this call.


60-75-min new patient visit with Jana Pedersen, DNP, FNP-C, to review your Detailed Health History, hear your wellness goals and begin creating a personalized health plan.


If necessary, we'll utilize either wearables or lab tests to realize more actionable data about your current health. This may include blood tests that are often covered by insurance.


This is an in depth explanation of lab results or wearable data. We'll also monitor your progress and complete a medical system questionnaire during this 60 minute visit.


Our Process

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“I can’t say enough about how incredible Jana is. She has helped me understand my health and has taken time to get to know me and listen to my story. It is rare to find a provider that combines such personal touches and care for a patient and provides outstanding quality medical care. I highly recommend becoming her patient!”

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