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Hey, there! I'm Maddi Pedersen,  MSW, RYT-200, a certified yoga instructor and health coach, here to guide you in your wellness journey, help you stay accountable, and nourish your mind and body through lifestyle changes.


I believe that our minds and bodies were created to thrive and that we have a choice in how that looks.

Get to Know Maddi


my Story

I have loved guiding others in their yoga practice, helping them combine breath to movement, peace in the stillness and the calm after effect of practicing. I find that this busy culture we live in tends to disregard the profound mental and physical effects of a stillness practice that allows you to come home to yourself.


I find this relates to my work in health coaching as well, coming back to yourself through nourishment, changing of lifestyle and accountability during the process to build a better you. I myself have struggled with hormones, sleep, and burn out in life and when I focused on my lifestyle and what I could control and change I found myself happier, and healthier.

my approach

I have helped my clients navigate hormone health, gut imbalances, general life stress and support in lifestyle changes. I value my clients and their individual stories and how each person has a different path to their desired outcome and better health. 

I take a zoomed out approach when first working together. We analyze what habits you currently have and what goals you have for the future and then we plan out how we can make changes to habits and plan daily actions to reach goals.

First and foremost we work as a team, I won’t tell you to do something that does not align with you. I allow you space to tell me what you need, your desired goals and how I can fit into your plans.

I then create a plan with you that fits your life and your goals. I will be with you through the whole process to check in, keep you accountable and guide you in your journey to wellness.

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