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It’s time to prioritize yourself and your healing during and after pregnancy.

you are worth investing in.

How Are you Feeling?

Perinatal Fitness Coaching Can Help

So much changes during pregnancy and after you have a baby, especially with your body. You may feel weak, lacking in core and pelvic floor strength and having aches and pains you’ve never experienced before.

Although this can be an uncomfortable time this does not have to be your forever reality! You can regain strength, mobility and eliminate aches and pains through specific movement.

Meet thea stewart, B.S., CPT

I'm Thea Stewart, wife, mom and your perinatal fitness coach. It's an honor to help you navigate some of the stressors by pregnancy by helping you get stronger, more mobile and empowered to work movement into your new life as a first (or fifth) time mom!


I offer 1:1 options to see you through your birth and healing process as well as pre-made online programming through Train Heroic if you need a program to follow from home or at the gym with more time freedom.


“After welcoming my second child, I began working with Thea and it’s been the best choice for my health. I feel significantly stronger and my pelvic floor has notably improved. Thea’s professionalism and expertise are impressive. I happily recommend her to friends and family. Grateful for finding her as I continue to grow stronger and healthier each week. Thank you Thea for being the best coach!”

Caity F

HOW does perinatal fitness coaching work?

We work together 1:1 for a minimum of three months to be able to dive into goals and make a change to your habits and movement lifestyle. Each month we tackle your top goals and needs, progressively increasing the challenge and building up your endurance.


I work with you weekly to remain accountable, and help you adjust as life events come up.


We check-in monthly to analyze how the month went, adjust if needed and strategize for future success. You can expect to feel supported, listened to, educated, honored in your likes and dislikes and for movement to be built into your life, not the other way around.

what's included

  • Assessment of movement range of motion, patterns and mobility. 

  • Core and pelvic floor assessment and discussion 

  • Diaphragmatic breathing intro 

  • Goal setting and needs discussed 

  • Modifications throughout pregnancy and postpartum as needed

  • Lifestyle approach - we discuss nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress and relationships and how it affects your movement goals 

  • Specific to you programming 

  • Weekly accountability to help you stay on track 

  • Monthly check-ins to ensure goals are being met and discuss any changes that are needed 

  • Weekly video assessment 

  • A holistic mind, body approach

When we work together we not only work on the physical goals and needs but we discuss mental and emotional needs and concerns using a few supporting pdfs. We discuss how nutrition, hydration, sleep, stress and relationships all play a part in your physical and mental health.


Lastly, as a mom I understand the juggling act it can be to include your physical and mental needs day in and day out so we cover different strategies and ways to have movement fit into your daily life as a mom.

I can promise you that showing up for movement in your life will lead to more physical and mental strength and confidence, leading to more enjoyment in and out of the gym.

greater support

Thea Stewart Perinatal Fitness

Schedule Exploratory Call & See Pricing

I attended the mom’s postnatal classes instructed by Thea and I love it! Thea is very knowledgeable in this area and was so great to work with! There is so much more healing your body needs after childbirth than just working out. Thea helped me to understand the importance of postnatal care.

Kate C.

frequently asked questions

  • Schedule a discovery call with me to see if we are a good fit, if all is good to go you will get sent an online intake that goes over your health, goals, current lifestyle etc. We will then discuss those at the next meeting and do a virtual movement assessment. After the assessment we will schedule virtual workouts if applicable and our monthly check-in. I answer any other questions you may have and we review the programming outline. Within one week you will get sent the first cycle of programming and then we start the work!

  • Once a service has been administered no refund will be granted. If you are in a membership plan a 3 month minimum contract is required. After the 3 months are up you are free to change programs or cancel. Once you have access to online programming refunds will not be granted. If you are in a premade program that renews monthly please reach out two weeks prior to renewal date to cancel upcoming access. If you accidentally signed up for a program, reach out immediately and a return will be granted.

  • 1:1 virtual packages must be used within 3 months.

  • No, you can decide what works for you and your body. I always recommend it and if any pain or issues with movement come up I do suggest a refer out to see someone. 

    5. Do you consult on nutrition needs as well?

  • I do not consult on specific nutrition needs. I give guidelines and tips and tricks to reaching goals. If you need more specific help I refer you out to awesome local nutritionists and dietitians.

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