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Hey, there! I'm Thea Stewart, B.S., CPT, and perinatal fitness coach. I help guide and educate women through their fitness journey during pregnancy, postpartum and beyond.


I am passionate about helping moms find success in movement, get strong and feel empowered while doing it.

Get to Know thea


my Story

I have always had a love for fitness from a young age, from seeing my family members prioritize their health to participating in sports. It has always been a large part of my life and something that I made fit into my lifestyle.


After going to college and helping people move their bodies, work through mental roadblocks and navigate lifestyle changes I started to put the pieces together of how much our physical and mental health is impacted by movement.

why perinatal fitness?

When I became pregnant I had a lot of ideas of how it would look (movement wise) and to say the least, it did not look how I thought it would. From feeling weak and in pain during parts of my pregnancy, to having a traumatic birth I became frustrated with my journey and felt like there was a better way to do it.


 I became educated in pre and post natal fitness and today I get to work with women, helping to prepare for pregnancy, modify movements for each trimester, return to fitness in the postpartum period and maintain fitness for motherhood. There is a place for movement in each stage of a woman's life and having guidance and encouragement during these phases is pivotal for long term success.

When we work together we work as a team, navigating how fitness can become part of your lifestyle long term, no matter what season of life you are in. We assess, set goals and then I create custom programming that addresses your needs and wants. I help you stay accountable through check-ins, problem solving, reminders, and encouragement, never litting you feel like you're

alone to navigate and implement this new lifestyle change. I work with you from a mind-body approach, factors such as nutrition, hydration, stress and sleep all play a part in how well you perform in and out of the gym so we will always address and navigate changes from a whole body mindset.

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