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Hey, there! I'm Jana Pedersen, DNP, FNP-C. I'm a Family Nurse Practitioner with 15 years experience in healthcare.


I have a deep passion for holistic health and using the best of conventional and integrative therapies to create vibrant, joyful living.

Get to Know jana

Crystal Salt

my Story

My journey starts with the influence of my parents. My father was a great example of sticking to a consistent exercise routine and spending time outside, hiking and camping. As I experienced nature with my family I learned to love being outside and challenging myself physically.


My mother taught me to be creative and to look for answers everywhere while listening to my intuition. 

why functional medicine?

I became interested in Functional Medicine when my symptoms and experiences were dismissed during a conventional medicine visit many years ago - I waited over an hour in a large waiting room with 2 small children. When I was finally face to face with the Dr, I explained some new GI symptoms I was having and that they seemed to be worse when I ate certain foods. He looked at me and said, “Well then don’t eat those foods. Any other questions?” He quickly left the room. Total visit time, maybe 2 minutes.


I realized I needed to be my own advocate and explore all aspects of health to help myself and my family.

One of my strengths is listening. I will give you my full attention during our visit, to really hear your story and help you determine which direction to explore to find answers. We use a variety of tests

and treatments to dig deep into possible causes of your symptoms, then customizing treatment plans utilizing traditional and integrative therapies for your unique needs.

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