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Hey, there! I'm Olivia Pedersen, I am a professional ballet dancer whose turned my interest in health and wellness into a career as a holistic health coach.


I combine my experience as a dancer and the knowledge I’ve gained in my coaching certification to help you stick to a healthy lifestyle.

Get to Know Me

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my Story

Growing up, my mom was a great example of putting her health first. I remember many days at the ymca and many lunches with lots of veggies. I was never annoyed but rather curious at her example. My curiosity led me to cooking and baking a lot as a teenager and pursuing a degree in ballet and nutrition as an adult.

my approach

When I was 10 I was tested for celiac disease, and while that test came back negative, I chose to stay away from wheat due to how it made me feel. I was forced to reinvent my favorite dishes and desserts free of wheat and my experiments led to lots of learning and much success. I also found myself learning how to create a healthier mindset for myself and others in the dance world. Completing a certification in health coaching helped me find lasting balance in exercise, rest, and food.

work with me

My goal with what I’ve learned through my experiences and course work is to help bring balance and ease to client’s lives. I aim to teach holistic health in a motivating way that will encourage clients to feel excited about living a healthy lifestyle.

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