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How to Cultivate Positivity: A Functional Health Coach's Tip Tips

Updated: Mar 14

A positive mindset helps in pretty much every facet of life, but it’s not always easy to practice and keep that good attitude.

I think of cultivating a positive mindset as a habit you have to bring into your day-to-day life. Retraining how and what you think does take some work, but like any other habit with repetition, it gets easier! Thankfully. 😅

So what would this look like for you? Let’s get into it.

Maddi Pedersen and Olivia Pedersen

Top Tips for Cultivating Positivity

  • Try starting the day by mentally listing what you are grateful for, this often helps our brain shift gears to have a more positive outlook because we are consciously looking for the GOOD. 

  • As you go about your day try to keep that same practice, and look for the good. When something happens that starts to make you feel frustrated acknowledge how you're feeling but don’t let it overtake your whole body. We can help this process by mentally saying PAUSE, taking a few deep breaths, physically shaking, or dancing for a second, and then moving on with your day.

  • Set a reminder on your phone, it can say whatever helps you bring back that mindset shift.

  • Assess who you are around. The people whom you spend the most time with will influence you and your attitude whether you realize it or not. So pay attention to how you feel when you are with certain people and adjust as needed.

  • Along the same lines, your environment plays a part in how you view your world. If we are actively choosing to be in places that bring us into a happier state of being it’s going to help us feel more positive and vice versa.

  • Lastly, ask yourself what went right during the day. Mentally 'review' what happened and how things made you feel. This can be while you’re lying in bed or when you are cooking dinner, no right or wrong way to do it.

it's Worth the effort

Remember that our brain likes to do what it knows how to do, which is often the same habits and thought patterns that we have been thinking about for a long time.

It’s been shown that we think a lot of the same thoughts day in a day out, even if we don’t think we do! SO this will take work and time and CONSCIOUSNESS. Keep giving that brain of yours positive input and retraining and it will change, our brains are malleable.

If you need help realizing the negative thought patterns you may unconsciously be running to, we would love to help you take back control and cultivate positivity! Schedule a call with one of our functional health coaches, today.

In Health,

The Grow + Flow Team

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