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Tips to Make Time for Fitness

I think we all have well intentioned ideas of how we would like to show up for ourselves and others, but sometimes ideas and action don’t quite line up. That being said we don’t think that during busy seasons of life you should put yourself on the back burner, you will actually be able to handle stress and busyness much better physically and mentally if you do make yourself a priority.

Alright, now that we’ve got our pep talk out of the way, what would that look like for you? Each person will be different and have different ideas of what feels good for them. We like to start small and take it day by day.

Starting small can look like scheduling 15 minutes to yourself in the morning to stretch or do a short yoga flow. If you have children it could look like spending 20 minutes after they go to bed doing a circuit workout instead of looking at your phone. Make it easy to accomplish and add on more time or days as it feels feasible. Often once you get going and start to feel the benefits of moving you are more opt to keep going!

Finding motivation can be difficult, especially if you are in a rut and feeling stuck. We get it and feel that way from time to time too! Try sharing your thoughts and feelings surrounding the issue with a trusted friend, family member or therapist , having someone listen to you can make a world of difference. This can often get us onto the other side of action. If this feels like too much at the moment try just jotting down a few sentences in a journal or on your phone. Don’t know what to say? try asking yourself some questions. How do you feel about exercise? What would a routine look like? How would you feel after you completed a workout? You got this!

We hope implementing these ideas will help you take action in your fitness journey and remember you don’t have to know everything or be perfect to get going and have success, whatever that may look like for you.

In Health,

The Grow + Flow Team

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